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Rank #1 On Pinterest With This Cool Tool

How does the tool work?

You know by now that Pinterest actually runs like a search engine and not a social media platform.

Hashtags don’t mean a thing on Pinterest, you got to SEO your account, boards and descriptions if you want to get

anywhere with Pinterest traffic.

The problem is, it takes too long to find each and every long-tail keyword associated with your root word.

You got to sit there and play around with the Pinterest search bar auto-fill until you’ve pulled every related keyword

out of it. That takes forever, until now that is!

The Tool will extract all of your niche keywords in seconds and have them available to you. Just copy and paste

them to your pins.

It’s that simple to get quality traffic to your blog!

Do I have to download anything?

Ans: Nope, it’s a Google Chrome extension. You just click the link provided and it will automatically install onto your Google Chrome browser.

You can uninstall anytime.

Do I need to add my personal Pinterest username or password?

Ans: No, it just extracts your niche keywords right out of Pinterest’s search bar and give them to you to copy without any hassle.

It eliminates the need to copy and paste each individual keyword from Pinterest. It gets you quality traffic and saves you a boat load of time.

How much does it cost?

Ans: At this time it costs nothing. It’s yours now at ZERO cost.

Do I need to optin?

Ans: No you don’t