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Tinder for Experts is targeted towards men who strive for success in all activities they deem worthy of their time. The advice will save you countless hours of trial and error, heaps of money from unsuccessful dates and the frustration that comes along the learning curve. This is the most complete and comprehensive guide to quickly join the top 1% of Tinder users and take full advantage of this amazing new way to meet women.
The methods and advice will explain:
- Why Tinder is revolutionizing dating and granting regular guys an abundance of women
- Why most guys only get lower quality women with the app
- How to create the most irresistible profile and get girls usually out of your league
- How to optimize your Instagram to create even more value
- When to use openers and how to effortlessly create fun conversations
- Techniques to get even the coldest girls to open up
- Tips and lines to rapidly escalate attraction
- The importance of adding girls on Facebook and how to eliminate the risk of rejection
- How to use Facebook to set up dates with amazing girls
- Fun date ideas with the highest chances of success
- How to turn Tinder awkwardness into sexual tension
- How to use Tinder to hook up, for casual fun, or serious dating

I see Tinder - and dating in general - as a sales process. Most guys fail to get the women they deserve because they do not know how to convey the best of themselves. This book will make you an expert in self-promotion. Your challenge will then be to live up to the expectations of all the new women eager to meet you!

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Jeff Vino
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Kevin Gumble
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Connor Sevant

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